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Implant Restoration Care

Once your implant has been placed by the surgeon, follow his/her directions and report any abnormalities to their office immediately. Our final restoration phase will begin as soon as the surgeon gives us the ok to proceed. This is typically 3-6 months following implant placement. If you are wearing any type of temporary prosthesis from our office please call if you have any difficulty with it.

Fixed Implant Restorations

Your restoration is cemented to an abutment that is attached to your implant by a screw. Great care was taken to tighten the screw properly so it does not loosen. In rare instances these screws can loosen. It is important to notify us if you think you feel any movement in the tooth. This may indicate that the retaining screw is loosening. Loose screws are prone to fracturing and can be difficult or impossible to remove.

If your restoration is a single crown or a bridge with multiple teeth that do not come out of the mouth follow these instructions:

It is also imperative to return for regular dental checkups so we can inspect the implant restoration. Maintain the gum tissue around the implant with normal brushing and flossing. If you experience any slight bleeding or inflammation of the gum tissue, use a warm salt water rinse 3-4 times a day. If not resolved in 3-4 days call our office. Immediately report any excess bleeding or swelling around the implant area. DO NOT USE TOOTHPICKS OR ANY METAL TYPE PICKS AROUND THE IMPLANT. This could cause serious damage to the implant. There are implant safe instruments we can recommend if additional cleaning aids are needed. The crowns attached to your implants require the same care as a normal crown. Do not chew ice as it will cause the porcelain to fracture. Exercise caution when eating very hard foods and do not try to open or tear items with your teeth. 

Please call us if you have any other concerns.



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