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At Luxury Smile Studio, our team is constantly working to make dental care a positive experience for our patients. We are all involved in continuing professional development on a regular basis and strive to ensure we are one step ahead, offering a high quality and comprehensive service for our patients.




" The only dentist I've ever recommended. Previously I've only gone to Vietnamese dentists my parents have chosen. Since I've been living in Pomona I've gone to a dentist off Garey and he was really shady. Even my parents said he always seemed like he was trying to get more money out of things, not just from insurance but out of our pockets. They stopped going to him and make the drive out to OC instead. But I never want to drive that far.  Now that I'm an "adult" I can choose my own dentist and where else to look other than my favorite site YELP :). I found a place in Walnut but they also seemed like they were trying to over sell me on things. They even had a "sales manager" guy who handles strictly the finances and he'd come talk to you with sales pitches while you're sitting in the chair .. was kind of awkward. Anyways I decided to switch again and luckily found Dr. Ngo also via yelp. Somewhat close by though I never go this far into Chino Hills other than visiting the dentist. The office is modern and technology up to date. Dr. Ngo is very thorough with everything. She's very easy to talk to. I've been helped by at least 4 of the assistants there separate times and they're ALL so friendly.

GREAT customer service here. I've never had any problems. I've only had to pay additional for cosmetic fixes. Oh and if you're a new customer you get free teeth whitening. They only do it on weekdays though and it'll take about an hour and half. And your teeth will be SUPER SENSITIVE for that day and the next. Like a constant ice cold wind hitting your teeth :( but the next next day it was back to normal. I've already recommended her to my brother (he needs the whitening haha) and to my old coworker".


Kim N.

San Francisco, CA


" I had a very bad experience with my dentist before this, so I was very lucky to find Dr. Ngo. She is so sweet and really listens, more than any dentist I've had. She talks to her patients like they are her friends and genuinely tries to build a relationship with them. She fixed my broken fillings and did a phenomenal job, I had absolutely no pain during the procedure and I'm actually looking forward to going back for my next appointment, which I've never felt about the dentist, haha. It also doesn't hurt that her office is super cute/glam! Makes the whole experience so much better. If you're not already a patient a LSS, you need to be now!! "


Beena A.

Pasadena, Los Angeles, CA


" First of all thanks to Dr. Ngo. She has been serving my whole family since last 10 years. It is very important at the same time very hard to find a right dentist for your family. 10 years back I went to her and since then it is the only doctors place for me and my kids where we like to go. She has treated me with a abscessed tooth during my pregnancy. She helped me so much during that difficult time, drove on her off day just for me.  She is very sincere in replying to my text. Even if there is no apt available still her front desk girls accommodate you when there is an emergency. Her office is very clean, equipped with all modern dental equipment. Dr. Ngo is very nice as a person, we chat so much about different things. My kids run around in her office and sometimes they actually disturb her in her work but she never says them anything. Always very polite, humble and give them gifts.Dr. Ngo is a perfectionist, knowledgeable and does her job with lot of care and diligence.I definitely recommend anyone, I have recommended her to many of my friends and every friend has thanked me after wards. If I have 10 stars then I will give her all all 10 stars to her..Dr. Ngo, you absolutely rock !!! "


Swayam P.

Brea, CA




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